We've recently been able to add some really great rare video to the site. Above is the perfect way to start. It's a fifty minute documentary, first broadcast on TWW in 1967. It'll answer many of your Hylton questions, it's ultra-rare and it's fantastic!

You want more? Well how about some more ultra rare footage? This time, a 16mm silent film from the Hylton archive, showing the band backstage at the filming of "Band Waggon".

If you feel like you want something a little bit longer, I can offer you the full "She Shall Have Music" movie, from 1935, starring Jack Hylton and His Orchestra, June Clyde and Claude Dampier.

There are also things being added all the time, both to YouTube and to the British Pathe website. The following links ought to do the trick.

It's also possible to buy the DVD of the Hylton film "Band Waggon" on Amazon.