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Well, after twenty years of talking about it and a year of fairly concentrated research, I've finished my biography of Jack Hylton, and given it the rather cunning title, Jack Hylton.

It tells the fascinating journey of Jack Hylton from the industrial north of England in the 1890s, to the height of glamour and sophistication in London’s West End in the 1960s.

The 300+ page book, which also contains a complete UK Hylton discography, is available now! Just click here to be taken straight to the buying page, or simply click on the 'shop' link above.


Jack Hylton Presents - Pamela W. Logan

The only other book I'm aware of dedicated to Hylton is Pamela Logan's excellent tome on Hylton's time working for ITV. Amazon describes it like this:

"From 1955 to 1960, Jack Hylton, former theatre impresario and band leader, presented some of the greatest names in British variety for Associated-Rediffusion - from Tony Hancock and the Crazy Gang to Dickie Henderson and Arthur Askey. This volume tells his story. It chronicles Hylton's time as ITV's first independent light entertainment producer and explores the background of the 100 surviving programmes. The research is based on study of all the films in the NFTVA's Hylton collection, as well as on interviews with many of the people who worked on the programmes, including writers Dick Vosburgh and Eric Sykes, and artist Alfred Marks. The book also contains cast and credit details for all the surviving programmes."

Click here to visit Amazon and buy the book.