Buying Hylton Music

I'm often asked what Hylton material is available to buy. Things have changed rapidly with this. Most of the music is out of copyright and so CDs pop up all over then disappear. There are three convenient places to buy music at present. 

Amazon lists most of the CDs which are currently available. iTunes also has quite an extensive collection of material. The best work is being done by Mike Dutton at Vocalion and they regularly release brilliantly remastered Hylton CDs. Please visit their site at for the currently available stock. 

It's always worth keeping an eye on all these sites as things are added and taken away often. Certainly the Vocalions have limited stock (as I know to my cost!), so once they're gone, they're gone!

I've made my own compilation, to tie in with the 50th anniversary concert. It may not be the finest bit of restoration, but I think it's a really good collection and if you're a newcomer I think it's the perfect introduction to Hylton. It's available to buy on CD directly from this site by clicking here, or as a download directly from iTunes by clicking here